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Cellar cooling

What is cellar cooling?

Cellar cooling is typically used to keep drinks at the correct temperature. Generally, this will be alcoholic drinks such as beer that can easily be spoiled if the temperature shifts by as little as 1°C.

Whatever the size or location of your restaurant, bar, or pub, we’ll tailor our cellar cooling solutions to your needs, so that you can focus on giving your patrons an experience to remember!

How does cellar cooling work?

Cellar cooling is usually split into two parts.

The external air is pulled into one side of an evaporator by a fan, the evaporator captures the latent heat in the air and passes cooler air out of the other side.

The condensing unit is very similar to the evaporating unit but works in reverse. As heat is transferred into the cooler liquid, it is pumped through pipes to the condensing unit which is normally on a wall on the outside of the pub. Air from outside the pub is blown by fans over the cooling pipes transferring the latent heat trapped in the air from the cellar to the outside world before the liquid is once again pumped back down to the cellar ready to cool the air again.

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Benefits of cellar cooling

Cellar cooling systems maintain the required temperature of the room, ensuring that the drinks stored there do not spoil. This helps to reduce waste and save on costs, ensuring your business is running efficiently. In addition to the savings this brings, it also helps to remove damp and moisture by recirculating the air.

Where is cellar cooling used?

Cellar cooling systems are generally used in bars, pubs, hotels, and restaurants where they have a cellar full of alcohol, which is typically beer.

If beer is stored at room temperature the shelf life is extremely short-lived, hence why you need a cellar cooling system to keep their product cold – and, if we are honest, no one likes a warm pint!

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