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Portable Systems

What is portable air conditioning?

Portable air conditioning is a compact air conditioning unit that can be installed low on a wall, sitting just above the floor. They can also be mounted in a recessed or semi-recessed space and even directly under a window frame. Cold air is distributed from vents on either the top or the bottom of the unit or a combination of both.

How does portable air conditioning work?

Single hose air conditioners work by pulling stagnant air from inside the room. The motor inside the unit then cools the air for circulation throughout the space. The unit also takes the excess warm air and moisture and funnels it through the hose out the window.

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Benefits of portable air conditioning

Portable air conditioning units provide a unique advantage in that they can be installed in locations where no wall or ceiling space is available. Floor air conditioning units provide very powerful airflow and are also quick to install, which can save you some expense.

Where is portable air conditioning used?

We commonly install these systems in cafeterias, shops, large reception rooms, hotel foyers, or server rooms. This system is perfect for companies who do not want an air conditioning system on their walls and ceilings, as we can ensure the floor-mounted vents complement the aesthetic of your workspace by being discreetly hidden.

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