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Chiller cabinets

What are chiller cabinets?

A chiller cabinet is a cupboard or chest in a shop where chilled foods and drinks are displayed and kept cool.

We all know that we eat with our eyes so we ensure that our cabinets are not only practical but also present your products in the best possible way! We’ll work with you to ensure the chiller cabinets fit with your space’s aesthetic and design, whilst conforming to your business purpose and needs.

How do chiller cabinets work?

Chiller cabinets work by compressing a refrigerant, before forcing the refrigerant to expand. The expansion of the refrigerant absorbs energy, which cools the evaporator coils within the system. A fan then circulates air over the cold evaporator coils, thereby cooling the air and producing a chill in the cool room.

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Benefits of chiller cabinets

Chiller cabinets are easy to maintain and simple to look after once they are all set up. As they come in a lot of different sizes, this gives a business a multitude of options dependant on their needs. It allows food and alcohol products to be displayed safely with a longer shelf life due to the cooling effect, which saves lots of money on waste.

Where are chiller cabinets used?

Air-cooled chillers are used commercially and in arenas, retail and hotels. We usually see chiller cabinets in supermarkets where their products need to be cooled but not frozen.

We also install chiller cabinets within bars, pubs, and clubs where they need to keep their alcohol cold and fresh.

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