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Cassette systems

What are cassette systems?

Cassette air conditioning units are designed for commercial offices and areas. Ideal for large open plan areas or irregular shaped rooms, they fit conveniently and discreetly into any area with a false or suspended ceiling. These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.

How do cassette systems work?

A cassette air conditioning system works in the same way that a wall-mounted system does, with the difference being that cassettes are installed in the ceiling rather than the wall to offer a greater degree of installation freedom.

Cassette air conditioning tends to be more powerful than wall-splits, therefore they are best suited to large, open-plan spaces. Cassettes are designed to be discreet and often flush with the ceiling so that only the grill is visible.

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Benefits of cassette systems

Ceiling cassettes are unique because they do not sit in your window or on the wall - they are mounted on your ceiling. These units work with most standard ceilings.

Many offices and businesses prefer ceiling cassettes because they cool a wide area, but the units themselves do not take up much space. With new advanced technology, your ceiling cassette reduces power usage as soon as it reaches the right temperature. This allows it to use less energy and save you money on utility bills. You can also adjust the temperature to hot or cold on the thermostat so that your unit does not work harder than it needs to.

Where are cassette systems used?

Cassette systems are usually used within leisure, hospitality, and commercial offices. Due to the fact they can be fitted into the ceiling, large offices and bars often prefer this system as it takes up less room and is easier to conceal so it does not interfere with the aesthetic of the space.

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